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Silverink Foundation in association with ATESH Labs has launched Project 8G where Girl students from Any Part of  India can learn any of the following core people skills (Softskills/Communication Skills/Design Thinking/Digital Skills/Basics of Education/ English language Training ) for Just Rs 8/- This Program is created to Revolutionize the Girl education of India and uplift the Rural Girl to get access to Quality Education one of our Core Focus SDG.  


ideal Girl 

ideal Girl is a flagship Initiative of Silverink Foundation where Girl Students from Age groups 12-23 can identify  Problems Faced by girls, Women and Solve them for a better, Sustainable, and Inclusive future This project tends to make a happier planet for Girls and Women. The Ideal Girl Program involves Training, Bootcamps, Mentoring, Incubation, and Seed Funds to develop viable and scalable ideas.



SDG Bootcamps and
The 5 Rupee Challenge 

Squeeze up Startup -  A 3-day or 5 Day event for School and college students which covers the basics of entrepreneurship and access to free tools. The outcome of the program is to create an entrepreneurial mindset of learning from failures and moving forward with a positive attitude In squeeze up Startup event all across the 3 days or 5 days the teams will work under 17 Sustainable Goals, each team can select one goal and they could solve a pressing problem they have identified.


5 Rupee Challenge is the flagship Initiative of Silverink Foundation that aims at providing study materials for School kids and one-time meals for the Downtrodden or dwellers on roads or anyone who is hungry with Rs 5 as Donation from anyone who wishes to Donate. Silverink Foundation will take extra steps to make sure that it reaches the deserved through the Single Window Collection scheme. 

Elementary School
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