SPATE is Social Programme for Assertive and Transformative Education which enables Education 4.0, Entrepreneurship Education, Awareness Programs, and  SDG Programmes. Our Principal Emphasis is on Transformative Education especially in the areas of empathy learning, Digital Techniques, Teacher Empowerment through EZspeed, Literacy, and Education Program for Tribal, Transgenders and Underprivileged  Silverspark Programme - Lateral Thinking, Creative thinking, Biomimetics,  Brainstorming, and DD approaches to induce creative problem solving which in turn enhances mental wellness and reduces fear of Social Outcast. Under the Silverspark program, we promote the essentials and basics of Science and Technology and how S&T Innovations can significantly contribute to human-centric changes for impactful growth.  The drought of another Sir CV, Sushrutha, Aryabhata has to be answered and novel methods of education is promoted.  And by promoting Arts and Literature we tend to improve the quality of living for its full purpose. Squeezeup Startup -  A 3-day event for School and college students which covers the basics of entrepreneurship and access to free tools. The outcome of the program is to create an entrepreneurial mindset of learning from failures and move forward with a positive attitude. 




MY CUPA or MYC is an enlightenment Initiative of the Silverink Foundation that supports Girl education and also assists Girl Entrepreneurs in raising micro seed funds for developing Prototypes.  Our inhouse seed fund varies from INR 1K to INR 25K (Per Year) we invest in prototypes to encourage disruptive or Social Innovations. Silverink Olympiad is now part of My Cupa which provides grants for disruptive innovations in SDG, Science, and Technology either through In-house funds or approaching potential investors.  Silverink Olympiad uses Biomimetics or Design Thinking Principles to solve pressing social problems where the contestants can radiate Innovations using the Out box or Non-Conventional Thinking. My Cupa Annex supports girl education through potential sources assisting continuing education. My Cupa also runs an online merchandise store to source funds for its initaitves.