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SDG Action Bootcamp

SDG Action Bootcamp is ideated to promote SDG Education and help young learners ideate for Social Entrepreneurship solving some of the pressing social problems  


SDG Action Bootcamp is a seven day experiential learning program to empathize with SDG Goals and how we as a team could work together or collaborate and take action for achieving a sustainable future. This Program is open for children from age 10 to youth or action takers up to age 40.


Silverink Foundation along with Periyar University Business Incubation Confederation BIC@PU Ideated SDG Action Bootcamp to promote SDG for Rural and Urban development 


This 7 day experiential program involves a deeper understanding of SDG, framing problem statements and working together in a team, Brainstorming solutions, prototyping, and much more fun with exposure towards inclusivity and collaboration

Every year SDG Action Bootcamp will be conducted on Various theme, where past theme was Towards Inclusivity and upcoming theme include Spark.

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